5 Awesome Reasons to Start Walking

I know what you are probably thinking, “I walk all the time!” Yes, you are right, you do. You walk from the parking lot to your office, from your office to the vending machine, around the house, around the mall, and just about anywhere else you can think of. We are on our feet all the time. But when was the last time that you actually went for a walk outside in the fresh air? When was the last time you went for a stroll around the neighborhood or in the park?

What I have realized is that walking really is a great way to help us stay active. However, we too often disregard its benefits. So I have listed just a couple awesome reasons why you should pull out your tennis shoes and go for a walk!


Reason #1: Walking Can Help You Clear Your Head

 Taking a walk offers a great opportunity to just think about things. We are literally “walking” away from our problems and responsibilities for just little while. When we are away from the stress created at home or at work, we can contemplate our problems in a calm, realistic manner. Maybe you will do a little brainstorming or come up with a great business plan. Or perhaps, with all this free time to think, you might even come up with a solution to end world hunger or create world peace. You never know!


Reason #2: Walking is a Time-Efficient Workout

So you really wanted to burn some calories today, but you only have an hour lunch break. That’s not enough time to drive to the gym, flirt with the front desk attendant, get changed, decide which playlist to listen to, warm-up, workout, check out your sexiness in the mirror, shower off, get changed, flirt a bit more, and drive back to work. I guess you’re not going to burn off that extra slice of cheese cake that you ate last night, right? Wrong! Just go outside to take a walk. All you have to do is lace up your tennis shoes and start walking.


Reason #3: Walking is a Great Way to Stay Active on Rest Days

You’ve been killing it in the gym for the past 3 days. You’ve been bench pressing cars! You’ve stair-stepped so hard the gym had to replace the machine! You’ve been a calorie terminator. But now it’s your rest day. So does that mean you throw a couple hot pockets in the microwave and become one with the couch for the next 24 hours? Absolutely not! You should be active every single day, no matter whether you actually have a sweat session or not. Because walking is not too high-intensity, it is a great way to stay active even when you’re supposed to be “resting.”


Reason #4: Walking is a Little Bit Hippy

No, I am not a tree hugger but I do love being outside in nature. The refreshing feeling of a light breeze and the warm sun on your skin are healthy and energizing. There is a certain calmness in nature that really relaxes your mind and body. So lace up your shoes and be a little bit hippy!


Reason #5: Walking is an Awesome Starting Place

Because walking is not too high-intensity it is a great way to start exercising. Maybe you’ve packed on a few pounds and are not comfortable going to the gym. You think everybody in the gym has eight-pack abs and all you have is arm flab. It’s cool! You have to start somewhere and walking is a great place to start. And what’s awesome is that you will see noticeable results just from walking! When you go from being completely sedentary to being active in any way, you’re going to shed some weight. And hell, you are going to feel better!

There you have it! Pretty good argument, if I do say so myself. So get your tennis shoes out guys and gals and go for walk!

Oh, and don’t forget…

Live Totallyyolo!


Why Are We Such Jerks to Ourselves?

We know that smoking is bad for us. Over the last two decades countless studies on the adverse health effects of smoking have been conducted. The evidence does not lie: smoking can ultimately kill us. Yet 19% of the American population 18 years of age and older currently smoke (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/smoking.htm).

We know that eating healthful foods and exercising enables us to maintain a healthy body weight and contributes to our overall well-being. In society today, it is common knowledge that an apple a day really does keep the doctor away. Yet at this moment, there is an obesity epidemic in the United States. Millions of Americans are struggling with their weights and diseases associated with being overweight, such as diabetes.

So why do we still do these harmful things to ourselves? We have this wealth of knowledge regarding what is healthy for us. Yet we still do things that we know are harmful to our health. We make the conscious decision to treat ourselves badly. And this drives me crazy!


So why do we mistreat ourselves?

Well, I cannot say for certain because I am not a professional. However, I will share my perspective and experiences and hopefully this will offer you more insight into the motivation for your actions.

I believe that low self-worth causes us to treat ourselves poorly.

Self-worth is comprised of the feelings that we have about ourselves and the beliefs we have regarding what we deserve in life.


So how is self-worth developed?

Well, our beliefs about what we deserve—as well as all of our other beliefs—develop from our interpretation of significant events in our lives. I know that this is true in my situation. My beliefs regarding my worth are the result of a lack of proper parental nurturing as a child. I have never met my father and probably never will. And my mother has been a fleeting influence in my life. My mother loves me, but in her own, unique way—unfortunately, not the motherly, nurturing way. But I still love her for trying her best to raise me.

My mother’s infrequent presence during my childhood developed my core beliefs about my worth. Childhood is a very impressionable age. My mother’s lack of nurturing for me caused me to believe that I did not deserve love and that my wants and needs were not important. Her frequent abandonment created the belief that I was worthless. I was also led to believe that I must have been flawed in some way because I was not “good enough” for her to stay.

 Now before we go any further, I must tell you that I do not believe that our quality of life is determined by our childhood. Yes, a poor upbringing is very unfortunate and creates obstacles that we must overcome as we develop into adults. But we have the power to decide if we are going to be simply a product of our childhood or if we are going to become the person that we deserve to be and fulfill our potential.

 With that being said, in order for us to improve the quality of our life, we must first be honest with ourselves about the problems we are facing. If we cannot admit to ourselves what the problem is, then we will never be able to find a solution. A year ago, I would have never wanted to admit that my childhood was the reason that I was being so incredibly self-destructive. However, I was never going to be willing to change those actions unless I was also willing to be honest about the motivation for them.

 Remember, in order to begin a journey, we must first know where it is we are leaving from.

 My childhood was a dominant determinant in the development of my self-worth. Hopefully, now you’ll give some thought to how your own self-worth developed.


So how do we change our self-worth? What can we do if we do not believe we are worthy of a great life? If we believe that we don’t deserve happiness?

 Well, we certainly cannot change the past. However, we can change our actions in the present.

 The first action that we can take is to change how we are handling the pain of the past. If events of our past continue to cause us pain as we grow older, then it might be time to reevaluate how we are addressing the repercussions of these events. Perhaps, our strategy has always been to keep our feelings bottled up inside and pretend like we are alright. But if this strategy is not making us feel any better, then it is time to do something different.

 The second action that we can take is to change how we treat ourselves. Yes, we may feel worthless, and we may believe that we do not deserve a good life and that our needs are not important. But we absolutely do not have to act that way.

 Every time we act in accordance with the negative beliefs we have about ourselves, we only reaffirm and strengthen those beliefs. How can we possibly say that we respect our bodies if we are constantly smoking, overeating, drinking too much, or doing drugs? How can we say that we love ourselves if we are always putting ourselves down and saying that we are not good enough?

 Just because we have certain beliefs and feelings does not mean that we have to act in accordance to them.

 If you want to raise your self-worth, start doing things that you know are good for you and that make you happy. Start exercising, eating right, and getting more sleep. Set aside time to be good to yourself and to do what you want. And make your needs a priority. Yes, you may have a job, a spouse, and kids. These are important responsibilities. But you are important too! So make your needs and wants a priority. Make time for yourself.

Yes, we may be suffering from low self-worth and feelings of worthlessness. But why do we have to act in accordance to those feelings? We might not have the power to just magically change our beliefs. But we do have the power to change our actions, right now! We can make the decision at this very moment to do something different. To change how we are acting. Right now!

 Remember, only you have the power to decide what you deserve in life. No one in this world can decide that for you. So start treating yourself how you deserve to be treated.


Let’s decide right now to start being good to ourselves. We deserve it!

A totallyyolo thought for the day:

“Be who you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are.” Julius Charles Hare

So much truth in this quote. We can never experience growth and improve the quality of our lives if we are living according to someone else’s expectations for us.

We have to be honest with ourselves about what we truly want and need in life. And then we must have the courage to pursue those desires despite criticism and opposition from other people.

Greater happiness never comes to us from living someone else’s life.

P.S. I am in the process of writing another article that addresses self-worth. Hope to have that out in the next couple of days.

Until then… Live totallyyolo!


When does change happen in our lives?

Is it when we sign-up for a gym membership? Or when we quit that job that we hate?

Does change happen when we make an appointment with a therapist? Or when we enroll in an online college course?

No, change does not happen just because we take a single action. For example, how many people sign-up for a gym membership at the start of a new year? I mean, the gym during the first week of the new year is absolutely packed; hardly a free bench or set of dumbbells in sight. All those new faces in the gym are changing their physical life, right? Well, now think about the first week of February. Is the gym still just as packed? Absolutely not! It seemed like all those new people were do something to change their physical lives. So why did it not last?

I believe that permanent change begins with a decision. It’s really that simple. This is because when we truly make a decision to change some aspect of our lives, we take action. And consistent action produces results. When we decide to change something in our lives, change happens.

Now, I know that you’re thinking about the gym reference. All those new people in the gym made a decision when they signed-up for the membership. So why didn’t lasting change happen? Well, I do not believe that they really decided to change their physical life. Those new people in the gym didn’t actually make a true decision.

A true decision is when we make something a must. When something becomes a must for us, we have made a commitment. When something is a must, there is really no thought to the process. There is no convincing ourselves to get out of bed in the morning to go for that run. There is no having to pump ourselves with inspirational videos or phrases (sure, those are great, but they don’t produce real results). There is no procrastinating or wasting time. When something becomes a must for us, there is only consistent massive action. That is it.

In fact, when we make something a must, we make it a necessity, a need. When we are thirsty, we find a way to get water. When we are hungry, we find a way to get nourishment. When we need more money to provide for our family, we somehow find a way to get that money. There is no other option but getting what we need. When we truly decide, there is no other option but getting what we must have.

No, the people who signed-up for a New Year’s gym membership but gave up did not make a true decision to change. They made a decision to try it and see. A permanent change in their body and health was not a must for them. Sure, it was something that they wanted, but they did not need it. If a permanent change in their physical life was truly a must for them, then they would not have stopped going to the gym. If anything, they would have started going to the gym even more frequently. But they did not. A permanent change in their physical life was preceded in priority by their work hours, getting the kids to their after-school activities, going to the grocery store, mowing the lawn, watching that episode of “Law and Order” that they DVR’ed, having a couple smoke breaks, and getting some extra sleep.

Now, I am not saying that the decision to get in better shape takes priority over your children or your job. But I am just trying to show you that in order to get what we want, we have to make our goal/desire a priority; it has to have influence in our lives. What we want has to become what we need. We consistently, and without hesitation, take action to get what we need in life.

So in order for permanent change to happen in our lives, we must first make a true decision about what we are going to have. Because when we make a true decision, what we want becomes a must for us, it becomes a necessity. And we are always willing to take massive action to fulfill our needs in life.

P.S. I plan to write more about how to make something a “must” in the future.

But for now…

Live totallyyolo!