Welcome to Totallyyolo!

I think that the name does a pretty good job expressing exactly what this blog is about. Totallyyolo is about living the good life! It is about finding yourself in the present moment. It is about living with passion and following your heart. It is about improving the quality of your life. It is about not taking life too seriously. It is about change and open-mindedness. It is about doing everything that you can to become your best self. It is about finding what truly makes you happy in life. It is about laughing often and loving much. It is about appreciating all that we have been given. It is about having the courage to accept ourselves. It is about the good times. It is about the bad times. It is about being perfectly imperfect. It is about logic and insanity. It is about the importance of connection. It is about the world we live in and call home. It is about us.

And it is about having a damn good time!

But most importantly, Totallyyolo is about life. It is a celebration of this incredible opportunity that we have been given. And it is a demand that we do not waste that opportunity.

Live with passion. Live with a light heart. Live with purpose.

And live Totallyyolo!


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