Lindsay Lohan is Doing What?

I just read an article on MSN announcing that Lindsay Lohan is now “committed” to changing her life. Now, you know that I am 100% in support of anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life. Like I have said before, I believe the first step to living a better life is actually making the decision to live a better life.

But LiLo has decided that she is going do inspirational speaking! Apparently this is a part of her therapy but I am really not sure that this is a good idea. Are we really sure that Lindsay is ready to inspire young people?

I have two problems with Lindsay trying to inspire anyone. First, there is still an ongoing case dealing with LiLo lying to police about driving her car into a truck in June. Apparently, she tried to convince the police that she was only a passenger in the car. But from what I understand, she was the only one in the car. So if LiLo wasn’t driving the car, then who was? Maybe it was her twin from “Parent Trap.” Anyway, she might be going back to jail for a bit depending on how that case shakes out. And that is also assuming that she doesn’t raise any more ruckus in the meantime. Is this really the best time to be doing inspirational speaking?

The second problem I have with this is that she is not really helping herself. Yes, I understand it is part of her therapy. However, I really think she should be focused on improving her life and facing her problems before she tries to inspire anyone to do the same. You cannot take care of others unless you first take care of others. So lead by example, LiLo.

The top 5 people who inspire me the most: (1) Martin Luther King, (2) Mother Teresa, (3) Dalai Lama, (4) Franklin D. Roosevelt, and (5) Lindsay Lohan.

Oh wait, that’s not right. Lindsay Lohan didn’t make the list!

That’s my rant for the night.

Live Totallyyolo!


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