5 Awesome Reasons to Start Walking

I know what you are probably thinking, “I walk all the time!” Yes, you are right, you do. You walk from the parking lot to your office, from your office to the vending machine, around the house, around the mall, and just about anywhere else you can think of. We are on our feet all the time. But when was the last time that you actually went for a walk outside in the fresh air? When was the last time you went for a stroll around the neighborhood or in the park?

What I have realized is that walking really is a great way to help us stay active. However, we too often disregard its benefits. So I have listed just a couple awesome reasons why you should pull out your tennis shoes and go for a walk!


Reason #1: Walking Can Help You Clear Your Head

 Taking a walk offers a great opportunity to just think about things. We are literally “walking” away from our problems and responsibilities for just little while. When we are away from the stress created at home or at work, we can contemplate our problems in a calm, realistic manner. Maybe you will do a little brainstorming or come up with a great business plan. Or perhaps, with all this free time to think, you might even come up with a solution to end world hunger or create world peace. You never know!


Reason #2: Walking is a Time-Efficient Workout

So you really wanted to burn some calories today, but you only have an hour lunch break. That’s not enough time to drive to the gym, flirt with the front desk attendant, get changed, decide which playlist to listen to, warm-up, workout, check out your sexiness in the mirror, shower off, get changed, flirt a bit more, and drive back to work. I guess you’re not going to burn off that extra slice of cheese cake that you ate last night, right? Wrong! Just go outside to take a walk. All you have to do is lace up your tennis shoes and start walking.


Reason #3: Walking is a Great Way to Stay Active on Rest Days

You’ve been killing it in the gym for the past 3 days. You’ve been bench pressing cars! You’ve stair-stepped so hard the gym had to replace the machine! You’ve been a calorie terminator. But now it’s your rest day. So does that mean you throw a couple hot pockets in the microwave and become one with the couch for the next 24 hours? Absolutely not! You should be active every single day, no matter whether you actually have a sweat session or not. Because walking is not too high-intensity, it is a great way to stay active even when you’re supposed to be “resting.”


Reason #4: Walking is a Little Bit Hippy

No, I am not a tree hugger but I do love being outside in nature. The refreshing feeling of a light breeze and the warm sun on your skin are healthy and energizing. There is a certain calmness in nature that really relaxes your mind and body. So lace up your shoes and be a little bit hippy!


Reason #5: Walking is an Awesome Starting Place

Because walking is not too high-intensity it is a great way to start exercising. Maybe you’ve packed on a few pounds and are not comfortable going to the gym. You think everybody in the gym has eight-pack abs and all you have is arm flab. It’s cool! You have to start somewhere and walking is a great place to start. And what’s awesome is that you will see noticeable results just from walking! When you go from being completely sedentary to being active in any way, you’re going to shed some weight. And hell, you are going to feel better!

There you have it! Pretty good argument, if I do say so myself. So get your tennis shoes out guys and gals and go for walk!

Oh, and don’t forget…

Live Totallyyolo!


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